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22/5/2017 · 现在,大家经常发现有瑞士表机芯标注的是sw200,也很想知道该机芯的性能。上网问问,都知道是ETA2824-2的机芯替代品,26钻。我前不久买了一块梅花表,使用的是sw200

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Dear Caliber Corner Community: we have added a new post for the Sellita caliber SW200-1 here. Also, if you are unsure of the differences between the SW200 and SW200-1, you can click here to learn more. If you have a watch with the SW200-1, please mention it

Having said that, when you see the Sellita SW200 movement in a watch, it is the same movement as an ETA 2824-2. The reason watch makers are using Sellita movements, is not so much about cost, but more having to do with the fact that ETA is slowing

1/8/2017 · 我最近買了一支使用SW200-1機芯的錶,請問SW200-1機芯的上鍊效率是不是比較差?我平均每天戴10小時(辦公室上班,偶爾走動),儲存的動力大概只能走12小時就停了。之前佩戴日系的SEIKO、ORIENT機械表,一樣戴10小時,但在我隔天要上班前都還是有

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Description A real pillar of Swiss watchmaking, the SW200-1 is precise, reliable and robust. The SW200-1 is versatile too and, thanks in particular to its many versions and small complications, is well able to equip all types of watches, from the most sports